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Mark Bugeja Classic Image Photo Studio Malta
Mark Bugeja (Dip. Ph. MIPP) has been a professional Photographer for over 32 years.

Mark: “…I got my first camera when I was nine, and I used to make my little sister and my best friends pose for me! I have always loved taking photographs and people immediately started remarking that I have a good eye for composition.”

Mark obtained his degree in photography in Ireland and gained experience working with wedding photographers abroad before he came back to Malta and has set up a specialized Wedding photography studio with his wife, who is also qualified in visual communications and arts, she is his right-hand person in the job. Together they have photographed well over 600 weddings over the years. Mark always strives to capture the natural lighting and appearance of a location; and, as a master of lighting techniques, he is always ready, on those occasions when nature isn't cooperating, to ‘augment nature’ with the professional lighting with which he is always accompanied. Mark is certified by the Malta Institute of Professional Photographers and has won over 6 major awards in photographic competitions; including Best Wedding Album, Best Wedding Image and Best Wedding Candid in competitions abroad.

When booking Mark to photograph your wedding, you are engaging an experienced professional. It is therefore no surprise that he has an enviable reputation for quality, style and service, making him one of the leading wedding photographers on the Maltese Islands. Mark, an Associate of the Master Photographers Association, as well as being internationally recognized, as said earlier, has won many awards for both his wedding and portrait work.

Therefore, it goes without saying that he has the knowledge, expertise and flair coupled with creative ability to capture the magic of your wedding day in the form of beautiful photographs. His aim is to tell the story of your wedding in the most natural way possible. Dedicated and professional preparation is given to his couples prior to their wedding day in order for them to appear relaxed, happy and comfortable being photographed - a skill achieved by only a handful of specialists. You can rest assured of the utmost attention to detail combined with professional, efficient and friendly service with a genuine desire to provide you with a memorable collection of photographs for this, the most important day of your life.

Mark and his Studio normally undertake only one wedding per day - early booking is advisable! You can also book your wedding online, please visit "Book Your Wedding online" page for more details
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